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Monday, July 18, 2016

North Beach Plantation Townhomes for Sale

Condo? Townhouse? What’s the right choice for you? When deciding whether to buy a condo or a townhouse, consider the options. The basic difference between a townhouse (townhome/patio home/garden home) and a condo is simple. The land and building exterior of a condo are owned by the “common” or all of the homeowners as a group, whereas you own the land your townhouse sits on. Both usually have a Homeowners Association with fees that cover things like maintenance on common areas, pools, trash management, and such. A condo HOA will also maintain insurance, as well as grounds and building up-keep. The owner of a townhouse is responsible for building repairs and insurance and they have a deed to their yard and the part of the building which contains their living space. A town home is still less maintenance than a traditional single-family dwelling as the HOA paints, mows, and things like that.
North Beach Plantation offers for unique subdivisions of townhomes to choose from:Built in 2011, Appleton Townhomes features extra-large single family homes and 2bedroom/2 bath townhomes.  These homes offer 1,600 square feet of space, incredible luxury upgrades, a balcony, and a single car garage. These townhouses sell for just under $300K.
The Cantor townhouses were built in 2014. The 1,351 heated square foot, 2 bedroom units have a one car garage and are closer to the beach than the other subdivisions. They are white with colored shutters and metal roofs. These patio homes sell for $330K. The builder has listed 1.800 square foot, 3 bedroom units with a 2 car garage but they haven’t been built yet. 

The Spa Villas, built in 2012, are 2 bedroom/2 bath raised homes featuring a spacious 2,050 square feet and countless luxury upgrades with a ground floor bedroom and garage.  These units are priced at $250K.

Also constructed in 2012, the colorful Plantation Villas are near the entrance of North Beach Plantation and priced in the mid $200Ks. The large 2 bedroom/2 bath elevated homes have a second-floor balcony with an extra bedroom and one car garage on the ground floor.

Visit our website to learn more about the townhomes for sale in North Beach Plantation. Please call our real estate professionals for a private tour of the community. Let us help you find the perfect home for you!

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